The Muscatine County Board of Supervisors met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Furlong, Howard, Sorensen, Sauer and Kelly present.  Chairperson Sorensen presiding.

On a motion by Kelly, second by Sorensen, the agenda was approved as written.  Ayes: All.

On a motion by Kelly, second by Sorensen, claims dated September 8, 2014 were approved in the amount of $474,946.88.  Ayes: All. Discussion was held regarding the purchase of a computer by the County Attorney. Board consensus was that they should have a discussion with the County Attorney about utilizing Information Services for future purchases. Furlong stated he does not think the County should be purchasing e-cigarettes for sale through the Commissary. Board consensus was to have a discussion with the County Sheriff regarding whether e-cigarettes should be allowed in the County Jail.

Discussion was held with Jim Nepple, Muscatine County Historic Preservation Commission, regarding their request for a grant to do a historical planning study for Muscatine County. Nepple stated the grant requires a 40% match which will be made up of $1,136 cash and $864 of time by the Commission. Nepple stated the cash portion of the match will come from funds already allocated to the Muscatine County Historical Preservation Commission and tax credits received from a Courthouse project. On a motion by Furlong, second by Kelly, the Chairperson was authorized to sign a letter to the State Historical Society and a Certified Local Government FY2014 Application for Historic Preservation Fund Grant-In-Aid.  Ayes: All.

On a motion by Furlong, second by Sorensen, the Board authorized the Chairperson to execute a Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau Impaired Driving Countermeasures Grant Contract in the amount of $28,150.00.  Ayes: All.

Discussion was held with Information Services Director Bill Riley regarding wireless connections to the County Engineer's Office and Community Services. Riley provided a price sheet from Muscatine Power and Water regarding dedicated circuit pricing.  Riley stated that any wireless solution would detract from the appearance of the Courthouse. Kelly suggested sharing the tower with MUSCOM. Riley stated that fiber optic would have to be run across the alley. Riley stated that they are currently running wireless at the County Engineer's office and Community Services at 5 mbps, but the signal is not strong enough. Riley stated that Muscatine Power and Water supplies everything, including repair in a timely manner so there would be no maintenance on our part. Howard expressed concerned about wireless connections due to interference.  Riley stated he personally likes the idea of owning the equipment, but that would require purchase of a backup unit. Riley stated the approximate cost for the dish would be $10,000 plus $2,000 installation. Riley stated the Muscatine Power and Water would cost $3600 per year for 10 mbps with a 5-year commitment. Riley stated it would also cost approximately $42.50 per month for Muscatine Power and Water to run fiber optic into the building. Sorensen stated he is a proponent of dedicated connection versus wireless. On motion by Sorensen, second by Kelly, the Board authorized Information Services Director Bill Riley to move forward with a 10 mbps Machlink dedicated circuit through Muscatine Power and Water for the County Engineer's Office. Ayes: All.

On a motion by Sorensen, second by Kelly, the Board authorized Information Services Director Bill Riley to move forward with a 10 mbps Machlink dedicated circuit through Muscatine Power and Water for Community Services. Ayes: All. Howard asked about the help desk report provided. Riley stated the report will mean more as future data is collected. Howard asked if there is any way to note if one department has more than their share of issues. Riley stated he could try, but it is difficult to pull information from the free solution that the County is using for tracking help desk tickets.

Riley notified the Board that the County has been able to access a free program through Homeland Security that scans all of our systems for known security issues. Riley also reported that there will be a Website Redesign meeting on Wednesday, September 10th with CivicPlus regarding issues with design of the new website.

On a motion by Kelly, second by Furlong, the following utility permit was approved: Eastern Iowa Light and Power - cable replacement on Tucker Avenue from Hwy 61 to New Era Road. Ayes: all.

County Engineer Keith White updated the Board on secondary road projects. White reported that research done on Saulsbury Road near the Lindle property has resulted in no culverts found on maps dating back to 1927. In response to Howard, White stated he has not been contacted by Steve or Julie Ehrecke on Funk's Hill Road.  Furlong stated that he has communicated with Chief Deputy C. J. Ryan regarding dumping on Funk's Hill Road and they will look into the situation and contact Steve and Julie Ehrecke. White stated the County has written permits to allow individual property owners to work on the right-of-way within certain parameters, but it is normally incumbent on the property owner to contact Secondary Roads to ask for the permit. White stated the County would be performing some repair work Burlington Road and on Funk's Hill Road now that the weather is cooling down, but that FEMA will be their priority over the next few months.

On a motion by Kelly, second by Sorensen, minutes of the Monday, August 25, 2014 regular meeting were approved as written.  Ayes: All.


Sauer reported contacts regarding road issues.

Howard reported contacts regarding concern over the purchase of a County vehicle by the County Attorney.

Committee Reports:

Howard attended a Milestones Area Agency on Aging meeting August 26th.

Sorensen attended a Muscatine County Safety Committee meeting September 3rd.

Sauer attended a Muscatine Island Levee Improvement Project Stakeholders

meeting August 28th.

Kelly attended a Muscatine County Health Association meeting September 3rd.

On a motion by Furlong, second by Sorensen, the Board approved Resolution #09-08-14-01 Transferring $1,150.39 from the General Basic Fund to the Conservation Youth Corps Fund.  Roll call vote: Ayes: All.

The Board reviewed applications received from Kimberly Dickens, Brandy Wedekind, Allen Kilberger, Pamela Snider, Tamara Wagner and Paula Williamson for three July 1, 2014 vacancies on the Veterans Affairs Commission.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 A.M.


Leslie A. Soule, County Auditor        Robert E. Howard, Chairperson

Board of Supervisors