Ministerial Alliance

The Muscatine Ministerial Association began its monthly series of discussions in August. The latest meeting takes place Sunday.


Muscatine Ministerial Association is hoping to pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with Witness for Peace at 3 p.m. Sunday at Muscatine Center for Social Action, 312 Iowa Ave.

This is the latest in a regular series of free events of this type that a variety of local churches and congregations have joined together to present to facilitate dialogue and understanding across faiths and lifestyles, said co-organizer Kyle Seibert of Zion Lutheran Church.

“We do this to allow people safe spaces to discuss different issues that are going on in the world today and ways that we can address them in our own lives and that we may better understand them,” Seibert said. “We don’t pretend to have all the answers or that we’re suddenly going to find the secret to world peace. But by coming together and discussing things and getting a better understanding of one another, we can make our community better and increase understanding among us.”

The beginning of the new year as well as the advent of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday were the impetus for the latest event as well as its theme, Seibert said.

“As we begin a new year together, we also long for peace, and we all know Dr. King was an icon for social justice and peaceful discussion and change,” Seibert said. “This is a way to pay tribute to him and his message and to do so in a way that’s consistent with the way he lived his life and spread his message, which is through peaceful dialogue and understanding.”

The meetings aren’t lecture-driven, Seibert added, noting that they tend to have a loose structure and topic suggestions that are meant to spur open discussion and greater communication.

“We ask questions, we will share our thoughts, we will support one another in our common journey towards seeking peace, we will witness to a world we insist is possible,” Seibert said. “At this event, we will especially be guided by the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as we gather on the day before we celebrate his life, legacy, and his witness for peace.”

The meetings, held on the second Sunday of each month at 3 p.m., don’t have a regular meeting spot, he noted, making sure to mention that future events and their locations are listed on the Muscatine Ministerial Association’s facebook page at

“We invite anyone, regardless of denomination or belief, to join us for an open discussion and greater understanding,” Seibert said. “In this way, we can build a better community with one another.”


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