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Contrary Brewing Company's last Beer Yoga class gather with their brews at a workout. The next Beer Yoga class will be held at the brewery Saturday, Sept. 30.


Two great things that apparently go great together, beer and yoga, have been mashed up for Beer Yoga from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 30, at Contrary Brewing, 411 W. Mississippi Dr., Muscatine.

Events conjoining the two have swept the country, starting in Colorado and moving along the west coast to the east and into the Midwest. Contrary is the first to do it in Muscatine, brewing up the event earlier this year.

Seeing its popularity elsewhere, Contrary staff and yoga instructors Lindsay Frazier and Christina Kelly partnered up to give it a try, offering a yoga class for any physical or fitness level to help detox, relieve tension and tightness, with a bar for yoga patrons help them, well, at least relieve that tension and tightness.

“It’s been a great success from the start,” said Mark Mitchell of Contrary. “I mean, it’s yoga and beer, what’s not to love?”

The events usually draw about 30 people. Cost is $20 and includes the yoga class and one beer or glass of wine. People are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, water bottle and towel.

“People can move at their own pace and personal preference,” Mitchell said. “People can drink while they’re doing yoga or not and wait until the end. There are exercises incorporated in the yoga for those who do want to have a drink during the exercises.”

But does that imbibing inhibit the balance and dexterity needed for yoga?

“You have to pace yourself, we haven’t had any problems so far — people have been pretty laid back about it and usually won’t drink until after the yoga,” Mitchell said. “People will usually get a good workout in with the yoga, then stay around and mingle and have a beer or two. It’s been great, we’ve been getting in a lot of new people every time, and everyone has fun. We’re feeling pretty good about it and we encourage people to come on out and check it out.”

Interested? Sign up at Contrary Brewing or by phone at 563-299-7894.


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