Before you continue reading, please know that Mayor Broderson is my niece.

Not that I agree with her on a lot of issues, but I do believe she is the most qualified of the two candidates to be mayor.

Diana was first elected to serve all the residents of Muscatine. She tried to make city government a place where every citizen was to be part of decision-making and represented by all members of city government.

Her first mistake was she tried to be like all her predecessors, and nominate common everyday citizens to serve on the boards in Muscatine. But other members of the council didn't agree. They wanted only their friends, which were not obviously Diana's friends. So the council stripped her power so they could get their buddies on these boards.

Now I personally cannot understand why anyone would want to be on one of these boards. Let's take for instance the most fought over board this past election: the Muscatine Power and Water Board.

This board of puppets can't even utter the word "no." It's go ahead and raise rates on electric, water and cable, for surcharge no less. Go ahead and price the poor and elderly out of the picture.

Can anyone tell me if there was ever a "no vote" cast in the history of this board and others?

Second, Diana thought having a cup of coffee with citizens would be a good idea to listen to their thoughts and ideas — that sure didn't sit well with the powers that be. Shame on you, Diana, for trying to be a mayor for all the people.

This election is turning out to be one of money. Who's pouring in all the money for these big signs posted all over Muscatine? It seems to be here in Muscatine that money is no object for people who want to contain a candidate in Muscatine, city and state candidates.

And money seems to win. Now what does the money givers want in return?

Diana is and will be a candidate and mayor for all citizens, poor, rich or industry. Don't get the idea just because the big sign suggests that a candidate is the right person, or don't let a big sign candidate try to drag another candidate into office by putting signs together.

Please join me in voting for a candidate for all citizens, Diana Broderson and "Oz" in the 2nd Ward.

Vernon Nelson Sr.