MUSCATINE, Iowa — A new Spanish/American bakery is coming to downtown Muscatine.

You'll just have to wait a few months before you can order anything.

Carlos and Margarita Segura of Muscatine, recently purchased the space previously occupied by Yacky Shack, 114 E. Second St., to open their first family business together, called Margarita's Bakery. Right now, the plan is to open March 1, but Carlos hopes to have the business open in December, if not before.

We decided we wanted to help people out," Carlos said. "I want to open it by Thanksgiving so I can give homeless people in Muscatine a meal at least that one day."

But, he said, since they only recently just purchased the space, they're planning conservatively with the opening date. Even though March 1 is what the family is planning, there's always the chance things work out quicker and they're able to open sooner.

"Opening by Thanksgiving is my main goal," Segura said.

As of now, the bakery is set to feature Mexican and American bread and cinnamon rolls. His wife, who the bakery is named after, worked in a bakery for 17 years and will do the cooking, along with the couple's five sons. Carlos said he'll handle the business side.

"We have been planning to open a bakery together for the past 20 years," Segura said, adding, with a laugh, his wife wanted to open the bakery and "you give your wife what she wants."

If everything goes well, Carlos said, he'd like to open at 4 a.m. to serve breakfast along with the store's baked goods. The family, originally from Texas, moved to Muscatine two years ago. He said the family is waiting on equipment and still looking for everything they might need. They've got the building, he said, now they, "just need everything for the business for us to get to work."

"God has given us another chance here in Muscatine and we want to help people out now too," Segura said.

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Port City Pizza

Port City Underground welcomes them to downtown!! We cannot wait to try your bakery items!! We have a mixer for sale if you still need that? Come see us!!

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