DURANT, Iowa — Superintendent Rich Bridenstine said Columbus High School is losing a good principal, but he’s pleased the Columbus Community School District had a part in Matt Kingsbury’s career.

According Durant School District superintendent Duane Bark, Kingsbury has accepted the position of  Durant High School principal at an annual salary of $82,000. “Mr. Kingsbury comes highly recommended from our screening and interview committee, our Board of Education, as well as references from the Columbus Junction School District,” said Bark.

Bridenstine said he learned early Wednesday morning that Kingsbury had been selected.

“The Durant Superintendent called and said he wanted to let me know,” said Bridenstine. “I knew Matt Kingsbury had applied for the position and I had written him a letter of recommendation. This is a good move for Matt and we’re happy to have helped move his career.”

Kingsbury, 37,  holds a masters of science degree in administration from Western Illinois University.

He came to the Columbus Community School District in 2005 as assistant principal for grades 7-12.

The following year, he was principal of grades 7-12. 

He has been principal of the Columbus Community High School since 2007.

“Columbus has been very good to me,” said Kinsgbury. “I have a lot of good memories.”

Kingsbury said he and his wife, Heather, and their three young children will move to Durant. Bridenstine said his District will begin advertising for a new principal this weekend.

Kingsbury succeeds Monica Rouse, whose contract was terminated by the Durant School Board on March 29.

Administrative law judge Larry Bartlett advised the Durant School District to retain Rouse after listening to testimony from Rouse and the District, but the Board rejected that recommendation.

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I'm surprised they were able to get anyone to take that job.


just goes to show ya, if gpc can get an endless supply of ppl to do scab work, any job is "fillable"!


At least the "scabs" work. Instead of sitting in a chair with the arms behind their heads saying "thats not my job".


when the gov. stops their unemployment checks,maybe the union might go back to work. about time for them to get off their butts


Is this article really about GPC. Maybe Mr. Kingsberry can make a difference at the Durant School.


So sorry to lose Matt Kingsbury. He's been good for our school and is great to work with. Best of luck to him and his family in this new position.


The job of a school administrator(in any district) is not an easy one. I sincerely hope all goes well for Mr. Kingsbury and that his impact on the students will make a difference to this community. I am sure Ms. Rouse would agree that it is about the students first and foremost that she would want to see the best outcomes for but I hope she too can find success in another district because it seems that Durant didn't do her justice for her skills.


Give it up Pat; no one cares anymore. (Besides, the so-called "scabs" that I know are very happy there.)


heg;REALLY? funny but the 1 I worked with there 20 yrs ago & is back inside says anyone that says anything in there is good is an OUTRIGHT BOLDFACED LIAR! (He HATES it!)


Pat: He's probably just saying what you want to hear. If he hates it so much, there are other temp jobs; he could quit and go someplace else.

SE Man

Will be intersting to see if any Durant school board members survive the next election.

PT, give it up. I personally know two people that are working at GPC who say it's the easiest money they have ever made. Just the hours and benefits suck.


[quote]PatTracker said: "any job is "fillable"!"[/quote]

Any job IS fillable. The best statement I've heard is "Don't make yourself irreplaceable, because at the same time you are making yourself unpromoteable."

Phil Dirt
Phil Dirt

Pat, can you remind us how that "lock out thing" worked out for ya'?

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