I would like to have a moment to stick up for myself in your paper. I am Joe Schreibvogel, aka Aarron Alex, who, yes, changed his name -not to hide anything but to further my career as an illusionist.

Lisa Wathne (Muscatine Journal, March 22) has printed many accusations and lies that I would like to set straight.

I was cleared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other agencies of all accusations made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It was on the news in Oklahoma City and also printed in every newspaper in Oklahoma.

I travel all over the country with my magic show, teaching kids and adults the danger of drugs, drinking and driving and peer pressure at school. My brother was killed for no reason at all except that some low-life decided a party meant more than my brother living out his life.

I hope everyone comes to see our show firsthand. See what it stands for and hold judgment until you see it for yourself. I am sure you will find it entertaining, uplifting and educational.

I am a target for anyone who wishes to spend time making money by slandering me, my show and my message. But the buck stops when Lisa Wathne or anyone else drags my dead brother's name through the mud to make a buck for themselves.

Thank you for the opportunity to defend myself and I hope to see everyone at the show.

Joe Schreibvogel,

Wynnewood, Okla.


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