I am writing regarding the proposed nuclear / natural gas power plant to be built in rural Muscatine County. I was born and raised on the proposed site so I have a personal, as well as a community interest in this project. It is a beautiful, prime piece of farm ground that I watched two generations work countless hours on that land. Please don’t let these efforts be in vain. My questions are:

1. Why do we need another nuclear plant in the U.S.? There are alternative sources of energy with problems that dim in comparison to a nuclear leak.

2. Why take prime farm ground to build any kind of plant? How will we feed the expanding population? Why can’t sites that are being decommissioned be used?

3. I know people near Ipsco Steel Mill (which many also didn’t want) who had to drill a new well when their groundwater was compromised – and that’s a steel mill – what would our groundwater be like after the proposed plant?

4. Why was a fertilizer plant in Walcott denied and yet this proposed plant deemed OK? The recent explosion of a fertilizer plant in Texas and the six leaking nuclear tanks in Yakima, Wash. Confirm how unsafe these plants are.

5. What about our rights as local residents who don’t want the plant? Just because a company or corporation is large doesn’t mean they should be able to come into these areas to satisfy their needs in the name of progress. Or, does this qualify under eminent domain for use as a public project?

6. If there is a “no fly zone” to protect the six or seven mile corridor to the Mississippi, who will enforce that and at what expense? Will these costs be passed on to the consumers or local people too?

I am forced to think of the Chernobyl disaster which occurred in 1986. That’s 27 years ago and there is still an exclusion zone of 19 miles around the site today where nothing grows. Is that what we want for future generations?

If they succeed in building a nuclear plant and there is a leak where would we evacuate to, for how long, where would we live, and what would we use for money?

Think about it folks. Muscatine and neighboring communities are in the evacuation zone. Contact your representatives, senators and governor to voice your concerns and opposition. Soon this will be presented to the legislature. Don’t leave it all up to someone else thinking it will get done – call now!

Sandra Marshall

Muscatine, Iowa


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