Details for CIRCLE M AUCTIONS - Ad from 2019-08-11

Circle M Auctions Presents

Vintage Tractors, Horse Drawn Equipment,
Farm Machinery, Wagons, Trailers& More
Saturday August 17th 10:00 am

On Location At 120 North Scott Park Road Eldridge Iowa ( Just East Of Frazers RV center )

Having Sold His Building Dick Klemme Must Sell His Collection At Absolute Auction Prices!
98% Of Tractors are Restored & Good Running Condition!
Auction Preview Thursday & Friday 15th & 16th 9am-3pm
This Will Be A Short Auction With VERY Little Misc. Items So Please Plan To Be On Time!

Lot 1 1945 John Deere B All Fuel
Lot 2 1950 Alis Chalmers WD
Lot 3 1946 Farmall H
Lot 4 1942 Case SC
Lot 5 1944 Ford 9N
Lot 6 6' King Kutter 3pt Finish
Lot 7 Vintage Amish 2 Seat Horse
Drawn Buggy
Lot 8 1941 John Deere B All Fuel
Lot 9 1953 Allis Chalmers WD45
Lot 10 Amish Horse Drawn Mail
Style Buggy
Lot 11 1948 Farmall M
Lot 11A Ford 901 Select-O-Speed
Lot 12 1945 Oliver 66 Row Crop
Lot 13 New Idea Model 12A Ground
Driven Manure Spreader Good
Working Condition
Lot 14 New Horse Drawn Family
Carriag 2 Seater With Top
Lot 15 1950 Massey 44 Tractor
Lot 16 1946 Case Model UAC
Lot 17 Restored 1 Seat Horse
Drawn Sleigh
Lot 18 1948 John Deere A Styled
Roll-O-Matic Front End
Lot 19 John Deere Model L Seris 1
Ground Driven Manure Spreader
Lot 20 1948 John Deere B Styled
Lot 21 John Deer # 44 2 Bottom
Plow Restored
Lot 22 Vintage Horse Drawn
Doctors Buggy Probably Studebaker
Lot 23 1977 Ford 700 Tractor
Lot 23A 1950 Ford 8N
Lot 24 1959 Farmall 560 Gas

Lot 25 Massey Harris 3 Bottom
Plow Restored
Lot 26 Horde Drawn 2 Seat 4
Passenger Fringe Top Surrey
Oak Nice!
Lot 27 1942 Allis Chalmers WC
Lot 28 Horse Drawn 2 wheel Cart
Lot 29 1939 Oliver 70 Row Crop
Lot 30 Kory Brand Gravity Wagon
Lot 31 2 Seat Amish Family Buggy
with Lights & Brakes
Lot 32 1949 John Deere Model A
Roll-O-Matic Front End
Lot 33 John Deere Model H Series
47 Ground Driven Manure
Spreader Restored Steel Floor
Lot 34 Horse Drawn Amish Doctor
Style Buggy
Lot 35 1949 Farmall H
Lot 36 Kory Brand Gravity Flow
Lot 37 Horse Dwawn 2 Wheel Break
Cart All steel Construction
Lot 38 1967 Oliver 770 Tractor
Lot 39 Hay Rack Central Steel
Running Gear Treated Lumber
Lot 40 3 Sets Of Harness
Lot 41 2 Sets Of Buggy Shafts
Lot 42 1951 Farmall M
Lot 43 Horse Drawn Meadow Brook
2 Seat Cart All Oak Construction
Lot 44 Horse Drawn Meadow Brook
2 Seat Cart All Oak Construction
Lot 45 1945 Allis Chalmers WD
Lot 46 Horse Drawn 2 Seat Family
Carriage No Top
Lot 47 Horse Drawn Vintage 2 Seat
Doctors Buggy Fringe Top

Lot 48 1965 Minneapolis Moline
M670 Super
Lot 49 Minneapolis Moline LS200
Ground Driven Spreader Restored
Horse/Tractor Drawn W/ Cast Iron
Seat NICE!
Lot 50 Horse Drawn High Wagon 8'
Bed Fancy!
Lot 51 2017 R&R All Aluminum 20'
Deck Car Trailer Like NEW
Lot 52 Polaris Indy XLT Snowmobile
Lot 53 Polaris Indy Special XLT
Lot 54 1997 Premiere Enclosures
Snowmobile Trailer Ride On/Off
Front & Back Hatch
Lot 55 John Deere X300 Riding
Mower 42" Deck 148hrs Like New
Lot 56 Craftsman YT400 Riding
Mower 42" Deck Nice!
Lot 57 John Deere LT150 Riding
Mower W/ Bagger
Plus a Few Misc Items

AGAIN We Will be Selling In The Forementioned Order Starting With Tractors So Please Plan To Be On Time!
For Complete Auction service You Can Count on From One Piece To An Entire Estate
Contact Steve Morehead At 563 652 9780
For More Info & Pictures


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