Details for KILCOIN AUCTION - Ad from 2018-08-08

Farm Machinery Auction

Having rented my farm I will hold a public auction at Adam’s Place
located at 1624 – 220th Street, Reynolds, IL. or 2 miles south of
Reynolds, IL. on 220th St. or 4 miles west of Preemption, IL. on
170th Ave., then 1 mile south on 220th St. on,

Sunday, August 19, 2018 - Time 12:00 Noon
Combine, Tractors & Trucks

2011 J.D. #9570 STS Combine, green star & auto trac ready, 750 Engine hrs., 407 Separator hrs.; SN
9570 SLB0740660; J.D. #606 C Corn head (to be sold separate); 2011 J.D. #620 F Hydro flex Platform
( to be sold separate); 2008 J.D. #7730 MFWD Cab Tractor, auto. quad trans., left hand reverser, auto
trac. ready 500 hrs. SN 7730A010483; 2004 J.D. 6320 L open station Tractor, power quad trans. hand
reverser, dual outlets, w/ J.D. #640 self-leveling loader & 7 ft. bucket, 2020 hrs.; Pallet forks for 640
tractor (sold separately); SN 6320D395749; 1995 J.D. #7400 MFWD cab Tractor, 16 speed power quad
trans. w/ 740 self-leveling Loader, 5345 hrs. SN RW7400H004866; J.D. #4020 Diesel Tractor, wide front;
2011 J.D. #2720 HST MFWD Diesel Tractor w/ 62” drive over deck & J.D. 200 CX Loader, 220 hrs. SN
ILV2720HCCH511134; 1987 Ford F-800 Truck w/ V-8 engine, 5 sp. trans., 2 sp. axle, 93,000 miles; 1986
Ford F-800 Truck w/ V-8 engine, 5 sp. trans., 2 sp. axle, 157,150 miles;
J.D. #7240 Conservation Planter, 6 row, 30” w/ liquid fertilizer & no till coulters;
18’ J.D. #235 Centerfold Disc w/ harrow; 62’ Mayrath 8” Auger, hydro .lift swing hopper PTO; 10’ J.D.
#177B Grain Drill w/ small seed attach. (pull type); J.D. X15 Batwing mower, 1,000 PTO; J.D. 709 Rotary
Mower, 3pt.(like new); 1,000 gal. Sprayer w/ 49’ booms; 2 - J&M Head carts; 8’ HD Blade, 3 pt; Bale
Mover, 3 pt.; Head Mover, 3 pt.; Bale Spear for JD 740 Loader; Chain on Bale Spear for loader. Shop Tools.
Auction Note! This is a great sale of well-maintained farm equipment with low hours.

Sam McHard, Seller

Others will sell: 1986 Featherlite 7’ x 20’ goose-neck livestock trailer; 1987 Hillsboro
7’ x 16’ goose-neck livestock trailer.
Kilcoin Auction …Tom…Phone 309-534-8121 or Adam 309-738-8858. Terms: Cash or check. NO credit or
debit cards. I.D. required. Kilcoin Auction serves solely as agent for the seller & assumes no liability of any
kind. IL. License #440.000257 & #440.000293.

For pictures visit us at


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