Details for L & W BEDDING - Ad from 2018-10-13

Helping People Sleep

For 30Years
In the back of L&W Bedding, you’ll find
John Wheatley. Sitting over a sewing
machine, glasses on, hat on, he’ll be
there making mattresses the same way
he has for 30 years. When he hears you
walk in, he’ll look up from his work
and greet you like an old friend. Many
customers are his friends and if they’re
not, they soon will be.
There is no mattress that can match
the quality and comfort of an L&W
Bedding mattress and John will assure
you of that. He would know. He makes
them all.
“Two customers came in last week
looking for a new mattress,” he said.
“They bought a mattress from me 30
years ago and haven’t been able to
find another product that matches
ours in any way.”



3357 Devils Glen Rd

1211 16th Ave



They found what they were looking
for and then sent in their sister and
their friends to see John. They all
bought mattresses and box springs
at L&W Bedding after shopping
around at other stores for months.
Nothing matches the L&W quality.

“I love my customers, the new ones,
and the ones I’ve been serving for
decades. I guarantee they’re happy
with the product we make here
because it’s my life’s work.”
When you’re ready to enjoy a flippable
mattress that will last for years, come
see John at L&W Bedding. You’ll find
the key to a great night’s sleep.


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