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Reclining Power Lift Chair Designed for Great Sleeping

The WiseLift 450 Chair

All Day Comfort...Sleep Soundly All Night

We challenged our power-lift chair designers: design every aspect of the new
WiseLift Chair to be the most comfortable chair our customers can sit in all
day, and sleep in relaxed comfort every night.
We were pretty demanding because a lot of our customers are elderly, some
are disabled, and many senior citizens suffer from back injuries and muscle
Then we told our designers it has to be a recliner as well… for reading or
watching TV; then open all the way to be the world’s most comfortable
sleeper chair ever. OK, here’s how they did it.
Twin silent motors adjust the backrest and the footrest to an infinite number
of comfortable positions for sitting upright, eating, watching TV, reclining
and laying flat for sleeping.

Perfect for Watching TV, Reclining, Sleeping.
To alleviate pressure on your back and spine and relieve back aches
the WiseLift Chair reclines to the perfect Zero-Gravity position. Provides
quick relief to back pain, eases tension and muscle spasms fast with fully
adjustable heat and massage.
If you suffer from constant back aches and pains the Zero Gravity position
immediately eliminates all pressure points on your neck, back and spine.
Raising the legs soothes and reduces aching swollen legs and helps relieve
chronic leg and back discomfort.
The chair’s Trendelenburg heart-healthy position raises your legs higher than
your heart to promote increased blood circulation with less strain on your
heart. Reduces swollen legs and feet. Recommended by doctors for low blood
pressure patients.

More comfortable than your own bed. Fully recline to the lay-flat position to
experience the most comfortable sleep chair ever.
The soft, supportive independently adjustable backrest and leg rest cradle
you in perfect comfort.
Made of multiple layers of the highest grade memory foam, plus additional
layers of resiliency foam — so every time you sit in this chair it feels new!
We’ve added 90 individually wrapped support coils to ensure our chair
offers perfect support where you need it, and more comfort than your own

The New Power Lift Chair
Reclines fully for Sleeping

Built for Years of Everyday Comfort. Over 1,000 Positions.
True comfort for long term all-day sitting, reading, watching TV and reclining; sleeping all
night. Independent adjustment of backrest and footrest allow infinite positions to perfectly
control your comfort - exactly the way you like it.

The Industry’s Best
Power Lift Assist
Getting out of the chair is easy
even for people who have difficulty with hips, back or legs.

The Lighted Remote Control has a speaker for optional audio confirmation of your commands.
Five one-touch presets for sitting, sleeping, watching TV, zero gravity reclining, and the heart
healthy Trendelenburg position (legs higher than heart.) Re-program any of the preset positions
to your own favorite position. One Remote controls lift-assist, heat and massage.

The WiseLift chair gently and
safely raises you to an almost
standing position - allowing you
to step off safely

Please take advantage of our best factory-direct pricing! Please call now 1-800-421-4837 and
ask us about SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for Medicare card holders, Senior Citizens, Disabled and
Handicapped Persons, and Veteran’s discounts.

Find your Freedom and the Ultimate in Comfort


The overstuffed and oversized biscuit style back will cradle your whole body
in total comfort. The variable heat and massage settings provide a spa like
retreat in your chair. Control the massage function to focus on your legs and
back with four different zones or target aching joints and muscles with the
two heat zones. When you’re done relaxing, easily stand up with the help of
the lift function.

Call us now and our In-Home delivery team will deliver your WiseLift
Chair, bring it into your home and set it up for you - FREE. Call now for
this free offer. Please mention FREE Delivery offer R1-619.

Trendelenburg Position

Sleep Position

Zero Gravity Position

Exciting new colors are available in our stain and fade resistant fabrics.


TV Position

Sit Position

Lift Position

Copyright 2019 Letronics, Inc. All rights reserved. WiseLift and Enduralux are registered trademarks of Letronics, Inc. This advertisement or any portion may not
be reproduced or used in any manner. Consult your doctor for advice on treatment of any medical conditions. Results may vary.


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