Details for MID-ATLANTIC NOSTALGIA CONVENTION - Ad from 2019-05-15

All DVDs co
in plastic,
full-color ca

PO Box 52 • Whiteford, MD 21160

“Celebrating 20 Years of Business in 2018”

Girls Can Play (1937, Rita Hayworth)

Sword of Freedom (complete TV series, $40)

The Huggets Abroad (1949, Petula Clark)

The Game That Kills (1937, Rita Hayworth)

Bait (1954, Cleo Moore film noir)

The Huggets’ Holiday Camp (1948, Hazel Court)

Shell Shock (1964, Beach Dickerson)

My Pal Gus (1952, Richard Widmark)

The Girl Next Door (1953, Dennis Day)

Thunder in the Sun (1959, Jeff Chandler)

Railroaded (1947, John Ireland)

Juvenile Court (1940, Rita Hayworth)

O.S.S. (1946, Alan Ladd)

Street of Shadows (1953, Cesar Romero)

The Devil Strikes at Night (1957, Claus Holm)

The Hard Way (1979, Patrick McGoohan)

Dead Men are Dangerous (1939, Robert Newton)

Relentless (1948, Robert Young)

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (1948, Burt Lancaster)

The Art of Love (1965, Angie Dickinson)

Two Girls for a Madman (1968)

The Moonraker (1958, George Baker)

Jacktown (1962, Patty McCormack)

Girls from Thunder Strip (1970, Jody McCrea)
Pillars of the Sky (1956, Jeff Chandler)


Elizabeth Taylo

Triple Threat (1948, Sammy Baugh)
Murderer’s Club of Brooklyn (1967, George Nader)

River of Evil (1963, Barbara Rutting)
Man from the Diner’s Club (1963, Danny kaye)
The Veils of Bagdad (1953, Victor Mature)
Eyewitness (1956, Donald Sinden)
Last of the Fast Guns (1958, Jock Mahoney)
The Dynamiters (1956, Wayne Morris)
Veronica Lake

Battle at Apache Pass (1952, Jeff Chandler)
Convicted (1938, Rita Hayworth)

Battle of Blood Island (1960, Richard Devon)

Tip Not Included (1966, George Nader series)

The Left Hand of God (1956, Humphrey Bogart)

Swamp Country (1966, Rex Allen)

Freddie Steps Out (1946, Noel Neill)

Blazing Six-Shooters (1940, Charles Starrett)

As per company
policy, 10% of your
purchase will be
donated to the St.
Jude Children’s
Research Hospital.

All DVDs advertised are $7 each (unless otherwise noted such as multi-disc sets)
Please add $5.00 per order for shipping, regardless of the size of the order.
Check out our website for a lengthy list of offerings!
All major credit cards accepted! 443-286-6821


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