Details for MUSCATINE CO EXTENSION OFFICE - Ad from 2019-02-11

Form A674 Iowa Department of Management 11-1-18 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING -- PROPOSED BUDGET EXTENSION DISTRICT COUNTY NAME: Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019- June 30, 2020) Muscatine County Ag Extension The Extension Council of the above-named Extension District will conduct a public hearing on the proposed fiscal year budget as follows: Meeting Date: Meeting Time: Meeting Location: 02/26/2019 6:00 pm 1514 lsett Avenue, Muscatine, lA 52761 At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents a summary of the supporting detail of receipts and expenditures on file with the Extension Council Secretary. Copies of the Supplemental Budget Detail (Schedule 674-A) will be furnished upon request. Extension District Telephone Number: Extension Council Contact Name: 563-263-5701 Krista Regennitter PURPOSED BUDGET SUMMARY A B C D E F G Expenditures Estimated Estimated Estimated FUND Estimated FY2020 Amount To Be Utility Tax FYE (Use Whole Dollars) FYE 6-30-18 FYE 6-30-19 Ending Fund Replacement Beg. Raised 6-30-20 Actual Re-Estimated Balance Balance By Taxation and Property Proposed FY2020 Tax Dollars 1. County Agricultural Extension Education 527,065 498,093 762,726 188,315 223,541 287,669 293,000 2. Unemployment Compensation 0 0 0 0 0 3. Tort Liability 1,809 1,809 3,500 1,579 1,579 3,431 3,500 4. TOTAL 528,874 499,902 766,226 189,894 225,120 291,100 296,500 Proposed taxation rate per $1,000 valuation: $ 0.14594

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