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This fun and bright kimono is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Try wearing it to
the concert you attend and don’t forget the distressed leggings for a rock n’ roll vibe.

With all of the wine events happening in
the Quad-Cities this month, do you have a
system for identifying your favorite wine?
Sommeliers often follow the five S’ to wine
tasting for a consistent way to unearth each
glass. Following the approach below allows
wine enthusiasts to truly have a way to taste all
elements within a wine.
See – what color is the wine, does it have a
different color on the rim versus the core? The
colors you see are often indicators for what
is yet to come. Swirl – When you swirl the
wine, grab the base firmly and swirl in one
direction gently. Smell – Many wines will
have a multitude of aromas ranging from fruit
to earthy elements, and even non-organics
like tennis balls. Sip – Take a small sip and
let it wash over all of your taste buds. Does
the wine linger on your palate or does it
disappear quickly? What flavors do you taste?
Savor – At this point in the tasting it is time
to consider what was tasted, do you continue
to taste the wine, are there new flavors that
emerge and lastly, do you like it?
Next time you’re at a tasting event, try to
employ the use of the 5 S’ to try and make
each wine experience a little more enjoyable.
Check out Carson Bodnarek’s “Bottled Up”
column every Wed. in the Quad-City Times.

Get the Look
“Wild Heart”
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Distressed Legging, $40
Blowfish, $44
Diff, $11
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Around Town

MOM’s Club Open House
Forest Grove Park
Fri. August 16, 3 PM - 5 PM
Get to know more moms in Bettendorf while
the kids play at the park. Open to all moms.


Discovery Fair 2019
Bettendorf Public Library
Sat. August 17, 10 AM - 3 PM
This free event will be fun for the whole family
with experiences from magic to a petting zoo.


Miss Iowa for Arts Advocacy
St. Peter;s Episcopal Church
Sun. August 18, 2 PM - 4 PM
Miss Iowa 2019 is kicking off her fundraising
efforts for arts education in Iowa.


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