Details for CITY OF MUSCATINE- Legals account - Ad from 2021-02-20

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - CITY OF MUSCATINE - PROPOSED PROPERTY TAX LEVY Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 The City Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year City property tax levy as follows: Meeting Date: 3/4/2021 Meeting Time: 07:00 PM Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting: (or call +1 (571) 317-3122 Access Code: 139-304-725) At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of the proposed tax levy. After adoption of the proposed tax levy, the City Council will publish notice and hold a hearing on the proposed city budget. City Website (if available) City Telephone Number (563) 264-1550 Current Year Certified Property Tax 2020-2021 Regular Taxable Valuation Tax Levies: Regular General Contract for Use of Bridge Opr. & Maint. Publicly Owned Transit Rent, Ins. Maint. Of Non-Owned Civ. Ctr. Opr. & Maint. of City-Owned Civic Center Planning a Sanitary Disposal Project Liability, Property & Self-Insurance Costs Support of Local Emer. Mgmt. Commission Emergency Police & Fire Retirement FICA & IPERS Other Employee Benefits Total Tax Levy Tax Rate 900,098,379 7,290,797 0 107,895 0 0 0 284,500 0 0 1,466,632 770,844 2,070,925 11,991,593 13.32254 Budget Year Proposed Annual Maximum % Property Tax CHG 2021-2022 943,626,341 943,626,341 Budget Year Effective Property Tax 2021-2022 7,290,797 0 107,895 0 0 0 284,500 0 0 1,466,632 770,844 2,070,925 11,991,593 12.70799 7,643,373 0 318,650 134,270 1,615,458 802,955 2,082,487 12,597,193 13.34977 5.05 Explanation of significant increases in the budget: Regular General - to fund the increased costs of providing General Fund services to residents. Liability, Property & Self Insurance - to fund increased costs of property and liability insurance. Employee benefits - to fund increased costs for police and fire pension contributions FICA, IPERS, and employee insurance costs. Emergency Levy - to continue current service levels to residents while several General Fund revenue sources are negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If applicable, the above notice also available online at: City’s website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: *Total city tax rate will also include voted general fund levy, debt service levy, and capital improvement reserve levy. **Budget year effective property tax rate is the rate that would be assessed for these levies if the dollars requested is not changed in the coming budget year

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