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This Peanut Butter S’mores Cookie Recipe May Be Your New Favorite

The only thing we want to do during fall is sit by an open fire and roast marshmallows for s’mores, but unfortunately that’s just not practical for most of us. But just because you can’t quit your job and become a professional s’mores maker doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Read more

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Celebs Who Served In The Military At One Time

Hollywood has its fair share of veterans in its ranks, though you might not know it. While these singers, actors and talk show hosts earned their fame well after leaving the armed forces, their time in the service also deserves some recognition. Here are some stars who you never knew Read more

Celebrities Who Have Tons Of Children

Family size is shrinking in many countries — including the U.S. And just like the rest of us, in the celebrity world, it’s a rare thing to see families with more than three or four kids. There are exceptions, of course. And there are plenty of celebs who have increased their Read more

8 Festive Ways To Decorate Your Stairs For Christmas You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

It’s that time of year when, suddenly, you realize you need to get your holiday decorating plans in order. Whether you break out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving or hold off until December officially arrives, it can help to go in with a strong sense of what you want your Read more

You’ll Be Able To Save Even More Money For Retirement In 2019

Most of us know we should be saving for retirement, but stashing away enough cash to fund your golden years can be easier said than done. However, the IRS just made it a little easier by announcing that it will increase the limits on 401(k) and IRA contributions in 2019. Read more

The Hilarious Reason This Woman Used Her Cousin’s Hand For An Engagement Picture

Diana, a nurse from Melbourne, Australia, was caught off guard when her boyfriend Jose dropped to one knee to propose to her. So much so that she didn’t have her nails done! While she was excited for the photos that came after she said, “yes,” how could she show off Read more

These Cranberry Brie Bites Are Going To Be Your New Favorite Appetizer

Serving a crowd can be quite the challenge, but if your guests have something yummy to eat from the moment they arrive, they’ll be much more agreeable throughout the entire visit. Food has a way of bringing out the best in people. So, if you can serve up this easy Read more