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START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT: 3 ways to improve mental health through self-care

START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT: 3 ways to improve mental health through self-care

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Do you believe that you are worthy of creating more? How is your self doubt blocking you from your success and happiness? Do you know what is and is not working for you?

What exactly is self care?

Self-care can come in many forms such as mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health.

We all have been hearing how self-care and mental health oftentimes go hand-in-hand for people. For many years I was guilty of not wanting to spend time with myself. I thought the busier that I was, the more that I said "yes" to filling my calendar, the happier I would be.

It wasn't until three years ago I realized that sometimes we must slow down to speed up. When we are able to reflect on our day, this gives us an opportunity to see what is working for us, and what is working against us.

Self care can look different to many of us. Based on our family systems, beliefs and past experiences. There really is not a cookie cutter method.

However, what happens if we do not take the time to explore? We may find ourselves feeling lost or overwhelmed. Perhaps you feel anxious, irritable and jealous. Or maybe just maybe these racing thoughts that you continue to sit with start to weigh you down with self doubt.

Have you been waiting for that promotion? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel like life is just passing you buy, as you continue to scroll on social media comparing yourself to others?

Below are some ways you can improve your mental health through self-care today.

1. Build confidence

Identify what thoughts you have on repeat that keeps you from even starting or trying something new? In ways have these thoughts showed up for you in the past?

What can you do differently? Can you speak up in a meeting? Ask your spouse, child or friend for help? What about joining a new moms group, or FB group?

Let go of the old story, and create a new story. You don't have to go big or go home. Just try a new approach. Think of all of that connection you could be missing out on.

2. Create boundaries

What time do you wake up and go to bed? Take inventory of how much time you spend on you and only you. When you are able to create some space for yourself, even if it's 30 minutes, you will be surprised how much better you will feel.

Create that space for you! Identify who you spend most of your time with. Who are the people that you allow in your personal space? I want to remind you that this is time that you will never get back. If you need to cut off the phone conversation by saying, "I can't talk right now." Go for it. What if you were spending more time filling it up with exploring the things that light you up?

Rather than using the fear to stop you from starting, what if you acknowledged that fear, embraced the aliveness from within and use your fear to propel you into taking action! Less thinking, and more doing. That's where the real learns and experiences happen.

3. Match words, actions

Create realistic expectations for yourself. Start small. Small consistent steps lead to big moves.

Shift from feeling "less than" to knowing your worth. This is where the new story comes. Create words of affirmations. Stick them on your mirror. Speak them into existence. The more you speak it, you feel it, the more you feel it, you believe it. I promise once you start stepping into your power, the people around you will shift, and you will start to align yourself with those that motivate and inspire you.

Confront your fears head on. Stop making excuses and get in the driver's seat of your life.

Are you on auto pilot, or do you want to live a life of adventure? What would life look like if you stopped making excuses and you got in the driver's seat of your life? What would your relationships look like? Your conversations sound like?

Do you need some accountability? Join me this week for my Faith Over Fear 3 Day Challenge. Tune in live, or catch the replay right here at

Rumaisa Rahman Khawaja is a transformational coach, author and speaker who can be reached at  She is a first-generation American in a Muslim household with a mother diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression. Khawaja helps people achieve dynamic, positive changes in their lives by providing them with meaningful tools they can implement day-to-day to maximize life and relationships.


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