Civil #: 17-000052

Special Execution

Hills Bank And Trust Company


Paul L. Stagg, Unknown Spouse Of Paul L. Stagg, And United States Of America-Internal Revenue Service,

As a result of the judgment rendered in the above referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the Sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) Real Estate Described Below. To satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is

Lot 7, in Block 1, of Langley's 1st Addition to West Liberty, Muscatine County, Iowa (Locally Known As 520 N. Columbus St, West Liberty IA).

Property Address: 520 N. Columbus St., West Liberty, IA 52776

The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows:

Sale Date: 03/14/2017

Sale Time: 9:30 am

Place of Sale: Muscatine County Jail Lobby, 400 Walnut Street, Muscatine, IA 52761

Redemption: 135-Day Redemption for the United States of America-Internal Revenue Service Only.

Property exemption: Certain money or property may be exempt. Contact your attorney promptly to review specific provisions of the law and file appropriate notice, if applicable.

Judgment Amount: $72,118.17

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Costs: $4,186.29

Accruing Costs: Plus

Interest: $1,921.25

Sheriff’s Fee’s: Pending

Date: 01/26/2017


Kevin B. Nelson

131 Main St./PO Box 160

Hills, IA 52235


C.J. Ryan

Muscatine County Sheriff

Melissa Hurlbut

Civil Deputy