LONE TREE — Marisela Valle, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office would like its handcuffs back.

Authorities said the Muscatine woman — who was taken into custody as part of a rural Lone Tree burglary investigation last month — escaped from a squad car and took off while still in a pair of handcuffs.

That’s earned Valle a theft charge in addition to a litany of other offenses related to the break-in.

Deputies were called to a residence on Highway 22 SE outside of Lone Tree, south of Iowa City, around 12:40 a.m. Sept. 10 for a potential burglary.

Authorities encountered Valle, 31, of Muscatine as she was walking out of the house. Valle admitted the home wasn’t hers and that her sister, Corina P. Campbell, 34, of Muscatine was still inside.

Authorities said Valle was carrying several screwdrivers and lock picks.

When deputies searched the truck Valle and Campbell were driving, they found a wooden box containing a substance believed to be methamphetamine, as well as a substance believed to be marijuana.

Campbell was arrested that evening and faces charges of third-degree burglary, possession of burglar’s tools, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a prescription drug, providing false information, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while barred as a habitual offender.

Valle also was taken into custody and placed into the back of a patrol car.

Authorities said Valle bent the cage of the car and grabbed a tool used by deputies to unlock doors. She slid the tool between the front partition and the vehicle frame to unroll the rear window and escape.

She fled while still in handcuffs, the sheriff’s office said.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Brad Kunkel said authorities in Muscatine County arrested Valle there, and a Johnson County deputy brought her back to Iowa City, where she was booked Tuesday night.

The handcuffs she fled in are valued at $50 and the cost of replacing the rear partition is $398, excluding labor, authorities said.

Valle faces charges of third-degree burglary and escape of a felon, both class D felonies; possession of burglar’s tools and third-degree criminal mischief, aggravated misdemeanors; two counts of possession of a controlled substance, a serious misdemeanor; and fifth-degree theft and possession of drug paraphernalia, simple misdemeanors.

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