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A voter marks his ballot at Clark House in Muscatine.

MUSCATINE — As newly required by Iowa's Election Integrity Act, the Muscatine County Auditor's office Thursday completed the post-election audit.

"Everything matched," Auditor Leslie Soule said. "It only took about 40 minutes."

Muscatine County's Fruitland Two/Lake-Fruitland precinct was selected to have the ballots recounted by hand. This is the first time counties across the state were required to hold the post-election audit by hand-counting ballots at one precinct selected by the Secretary of State to verify the results.

"What was on the machine matched what was on the ballot," Soule said.

The process is part of the state's House File 516 that was signed in May 2017 by then Gov. Terry Branstad that also includes the controversial voter ID requirements.

Soule said polling place workers weren't requiring ID from voters due to the court injunction. She said the requirement had been a "soft roll out" and she didn't see anything different this year because of it. ID will be required beginning next year.

In the election, Muscatine County voted to reelect Gary Carlson, a Republican, to House District 91, Alan Ostergren, a Republican, to County Attorney and Sarah Bodman Hearst, a Republican to County Recorder. Doug Holliday, a Democrat, was voted to replace Bob Howard, a Republican, on the Board of Supervisors District 2.

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