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MUSCATINE — After cresting at 19 feet, the National Weather Service projected that the Mississippi River is receding.

Since last week, the river has been at a moderate flood stage. By Tuesday, it will lower to a minor flood stage. According to Brian Stineman, Public Works director for the City of Muscatine, the number to look for is 15 feet.

"At that point we will be able to go in and assess the damage that has been done and begin fixing that," Stineman said.

He said that while the river will wax over the course of just a few days, it can take weeks for the river level to wane. The National Weather Service projection has the river level hovering at 18 feet until around Friday. 

Stineman said he was glad that the swell was beneath the 21.5 feet depth that had been projected. 

"It wasn't the flood that was projected which is a good thing," Stineman said. "Thankfully, it didn't reach that elevation."

Stineman said that until the Mississippi River recedes more, they won't know what kind of work the Riverfront Park will need.

"We still don't have direct access yet, we are at about 18.1 feet — which is still flood stage," Stineman said. It hasn't really backed down to a point where we can really see what problems we are looking at. ... I have had no reports of serious damage yet. Obviously, we will look and see what happens when it goes down and we can get a look at everything."