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After rejecting an initial recommendation on 2019-2020 salaries for the district’s non-certified staff, the Wapello School Board held a special meeting Tuesday and approved the recommended wages. In addition to that action, the board also directed district administrators to come up with another option for setting the salaries.

Although the board’s 4-1 vote settled the amount of compensation for next year, officials said the board would still need to decide which employees would be offered contracts.

In addition to approving the compensation amounts, the board also authorized the administration “to develop (an) alternate compensation structure for non-certified staff, to be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year.”

The two issues became entwined during last week’s regular meeting after the board initially approved a collective bargaining agreement for the next school year with the Wapello Education Association (WEA).

That agreement included salary increases that totaled around 1.88 percent.

Following tradition, Superintendent Mike Peterson had then calculated wage increases for all non-certified staff using 1.88 percent. Board member Eric Smith however reminded Peterson that he had asked for a different option that apparently did not provide the same increase across-the-board.

During a discussion with board chair Duane Boysen, who was the lone board member to vote for the original non-certified staff package, Smith said he was in favor of using a performance system to establish wage increases.

Boysen however said he was concerned administrative and other personnel changes could create future problems. The decisions made during the special meeting provided both options to move forward, officials suggested Tuesday.

Under the wage schedules approved during the special meeting, beginning hourly wages for the different employee categories will be: cooks, $13.05; custodial, $16.09; secretarial, $16.29; and aides, $13.47. Bus drivers and substitutes with less than five years of experience will receive $21.75 per hour, while drivers and substitutes with more than five years of experience will be paid $22.02 per hour.

Other salaries included in the schedule were part-time maintenance, $21.92 per hour and part-time groundskeeper, $13.21.

The salary for transportation director, $55,203; head custodian, $39,834; head cook, $34,452; human resource director, $38,846; technology coordinator/A.D., $61,383; and business manager/board secretary, $60,645 were also included in the compensation plan.

Tuesday’s action also covered the compensation for superintendent, $143,774; elementary principal, $80,893; and secondary principal, $103,135.

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