Sherrilynn graduation

Sherilynn Dusenberry graduates from Muscatine Community College.

My path at MCC began by chance. I was with my daughter signing her up for her classes at the college. During her meeting with the adviser, I now will forever consider a friend, I said that I wish I had finished my degree. The adviser then spoke the words that changed my life, “It’s never too late.”

Committing to returning to college as a non-traditional student raised fears within me. I worried what others would think, would I fit in, or would I stand out, and the biggest fear of all, “What if I fail?”

My time at MCC is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. During my time here, life brought unspeakable moments. During those moments, my schooling became my lifeline. I held on to that dream and it became the driving force to not give up.

Many do not know the important role they played in my life. To try and pick “just one” teacher as my favorite is a task I find to be beyond difficult because they all touched my life in ways that inspired, encouraged and changed me. Teachers who believed in me not only as a student but for the qualities who make me who I am. And teachers who were so much more than a teacher, they are now my friends.

Then there are those amazing library ladies whose patience deserves an award! No matter how much help I needed, a smile always appeared on their faces. They even helped to dry a few tears, and reassured me that “I got this.” The dean, financial aid, so many who’ve come to mean so very much.

Lastly, there are the students. The students I feared would judge me. How very wrong I was. Not only did they accept me. They are some of my dearest friends. Some even thanked me for inspiring them, and have thanked me for being there for them.

I once thought I would be too embarrassed to walk across that stage on Graduation Day. Once again I let fear creep up on me. However, I won’t let it win! I once worried, “What will people think?” Now I want them to. I want them to think that “It’s never too late”. Dreams can come true. Thank you, MCC.

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