It’s Democratic Party caucus time. Every two years, friends and neighbors get together to participate in grassroots democracy at their precinct caucuses.

This year, we will meet Monday, Feb. 5, at various places in the county to elect delegates and alternates to the county convention, elect new precinct or township leadership, and discuss issues to be included in the county party platform.

Everyone can see the problems we are having at the state and federal level. Republicans are giving away the store to the wealthy and big corporations. Change starts now. Attend your local caucus this Monday, Feb. 5. Registration starts at 6:30 p.m., and you must be in line by 7 p.m.

Our caucus sites are:

  • Bllomington, Muscatine Schools administration building
  • Fruitland One, Fruitland Community Center
  • Fruitland Two/Lake, Fruitland Community Center
  • Fulton/Monpelier, Stockton City Hall.
  • Goshen, Atalissa City hall.
  • Muscatine One, Muscatine Schools administration buildng
  • Muscatine Two, West Middle School media center.
  • Muscatine Three, Jefferson School luncheon.
  • Musatine Four, city hall council chambers.
  • Muscatine Five, Jefferson School lunch room.
  • Muscatine Six, MCC Loper 211
  • Muscatinre Seven, Franklin School gym
  • Musatine Eight, Franklin School gym
  • Muscatine Nine, MCC Larson 74
  • Muscatine 10, Madisoin School media center
  • Orono, Conesville City Hall
  • Pike, Conesville City Hall
  • 76/Cedar, 76 Township Hall
  • Sweetland, MCC McAvoy Center
  • West Liberty One/Wapsi, West Liberty High School Room C118
  • West Liberty Two, West Liberty High School Room C119
  • Wilton City, Wilton High School cafeteria
  • Wilton/Moscow, Wilton High School cafeteria

Thank you.

Don Paulson


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