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Today, we are dealing with unusual and unprecedented times in Muscatine. We live at a time when there is an ongoing food desert issue, at a time when poverty and public safety is being overlooked and to make matters worse, at a time when municipal efficiency and transparency is at an all-time low.

If there is any hope of improving the identity and living conditions of Muscatine, we must stop this "more of the same" mentality and start caring more about the people than protecting the status quo.

Which is why I am endorsing Kelcey Brackett for City Council, At Large. When we talk about many of these issues, Kelcey has a deep understanding and can speak to people’s pain and suffering. As a veteran, he has shown his love for our country and constitution. As a former small business owner, he understands what it takes to be successful. As an engaged citizen, no matter your views, he will listen and stand up for you.

We must put people over profits and progress over special interests and we cannot do this with a few power brokers making deals in a back room. Kelcey has the guts and understanding to stand up for the people of Muscatine.

Nicholas Salazar


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