I am a citizen of Muscatine and have been for 50 years. Our family is not one to complain. However, lately, we (my husband and I) have noticed all the streets that are being fixed in the city. Don't get me wrong. They are nice and all, but it seems to us some of the streets that really need fixing are only being patched. 

I'm talking about Fulliam Avenue. We've lived on West Acre Drive for 37 years and we've yet to see Fulliam change. There are two schools off of Fulliam -- McKinley and West Middle School. That street gets a lot of wear and tear. 

We would like to know how you set your priorities when and where streets get fixed. The potholes on the street are no fun to drive on. Also, a couple of years ago, someone suggested a stop sign at the corner of Fulliam and Houser Street. That fell on deaf ears. 

We pay pretty steep taxes, like I'm sure everyone does. We feel we need to drive on better streets. Our new cars are not taking the bumps and ruts so well. 

Gloria Casas


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