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LETTER: Please vote in November
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LETTER: Please vote in November

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The need for thoughtful, informed voting is high!

Government’s goal is to protect people, and unite us in common purpose better served through united action over individual effort. I like candidates who seek the right balance rather than talk as if they would get rid of the very employer they seek.

That is not to say that it/we should not root out fraud and waste, but do we describe those results as the entire result? I am after people who may even make mistakes, honestly admit so but aim to do better based on experience of “that didn’t work”, or exposure to better ideas or new facts. This is true even in voting — we can change our minds when we get smarter.

I urge you to

• register; find an online form at or look for community League of Women Voter tables;

• get an absentee ballot request form on the auditor’s website and read the timing requirements, or plan for potentially longer poll lines during coronavirus;

• inform yourself- not from TV ads touting half-truths and out of context facts. Dig deeper. Read candidates’ views of government’s role. We all want mostly the same thing but would go about it differently. Keep in mind government was designed to work through compromise/ collaboration-few things happen as simply as advertisements suggest.

Don’t write in Micky Mouse for any candidate; it wastes my time as a poll worker and the money of offices working diligently to assure the safety and integrity of each vote cast.

Kris Weis


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