I just read this morning's (Oct. 9) Journal and saw on the front page in big letters: We are now going to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with "Indigenous Peoples' Day."

What is going on in this country?

We have new emigrants that want to change our laws, crazy people tearing down statues, disrespecting and burning the flag, rioting and burning property for some cause or another.

I have lived in Germany and traveled in Europe. If you did those kinds of acts you would be sent to jail or expelled from their country, and you would be expected to make restitution for the damages you did. They are proud of their country and keep their history alive.

Those countries respect their property. We just throw our history down the drain and try to change everything.

I'm sorry to say our children will never know history with the good or the bad that has happened. Because it will have been destroyed and people are becoming so politically correct nothing will be safe and be on the offensive list.

Doris Watson


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