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Jennifer Peine makeover

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Throughout his 15-year marriage, Josh Peine has always seen beauty inside and out when he beholds his wife, Jennifer Peine.

But when Jennifer Peine looked in the mirror, she often saw things differently.

“I always told my husband, if there was anything I could change, it would be my teeth,” said Jennifer Peine, 30, of Muscatine.

She has sad memories of school mates making unkind remarks about her front teeth, two of which were noticeably crooked and one that was a little too long and pointed.

“Vampires are cool now, but they weren’t then,” said Jennifer Peine. “I never wore lipstick and I was afraid to smile because I thought people would look right at my teeth.”

But Thursday night, Jennifer Peine wanted everyone to see her smile as she made her entrance as the winner of the 2010 New You Muscatine Makeover.

Her approximately  $15,000 in prizes and services included dental services by Muscatine dentist Ben Clove of Clove Dental.

The Clove Dental team chose the best candidate for the smile makeover based on the essays written by the contestants, photos and ability of the winner to undergo cosmetic dental treatment.

Jennifer Peine’s dental makeover included whitening and replacing her two crooked teeth with permanent bridges which look just like real teeth.

“Dental work is so expensive, and a lot of it is cosmetic,” said Jennifer Peine. “It’s almost like I won twice!”

Josh Peine, 32, said Jennifer was always beautiful.

 “I never would have changed a thing,” he said. Still, he was happy for his wife Thursday night as she revealed her new look at the Button Factory Woodfire Grille’s Upper Deck banquet room.

The reception followed an afternoon of pampering by various Muscatine businesses and professionals.

Jodi Reznicek, marketing                        

manager for Clove Dental and contest organizer, said Jennifer Peine received a massage from Jenny Furnas at Therapeutic Body Shoppe and her hair was styled by  Salon Incognito. New clothes were furnished by the HallTree Boutique and Dawnese Openshaw, an independent sales director for Mary Kay, provided make-up.

An exclusive photo shoot by Genevieve Meeker of Genevieve’s Photography captured highlights of the day.

“We have a Hollywood smile right here in Muscatine,” said Clove as he waited for Jennifer Peine’s entrance.

Well-wishers included Jennifer Peine’s mom, Lonna Craig, 49, and her dad and stepmother, James Huber, 52, and Barb Huber, 50, all of Muscatine.

“She’s a beautiful young woman, and we’re proud of her,” said James Huber.

Melissa Dugan, 32, of Letts, Jennifer Peine’s cousin, was thrilled to see her on the receiving end of a kindness.

“She’s always done everything for her family and friends,” said Dugan.

Clove said he and other Muscatine businesses will collaborate on a 2011 New You Muscatine Makeover contest and will probably start taking applications in late summer.

2010 New You Muscatine Makeover contest is the result of a collaboration among many Muscatine businesses including:

* Mike Shield from Shield Design

*  Fareway

* Elly’s Tea and Coffee House

* HallTree Boutique

* Flower Gallery

* Button Factory Woodfire Grille

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