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Muscatine restaurants work to make sure their eggs aren’t affected by the recall and are safe for customers to consume

MUSCATINE, Iowa - Scrambling to find 45 dozen eggs unaffected by the salmonella recall wasn't the way Lee Abduli planned to spend his 24th birthday Friday.

But with a busy weekend on the horizon for the Riverside Restaurant he owns, Abduli, 24 - who also cooks up those eggs for his customers - had to find enough eggs to replace the ones involved in the current recall of a half-billion eggs.

Abduli's search left him sunny-side up: a Kalona supplier advanced him enough eggs to get him through the busy weekend, allowing him to chuck the affected eggs.

A regular Monday delivery has fed his egg-loving clients since.

"You never want to spend your birthday finding eggs, but I figured better safe than sorry," Abduli said. "I couldn't let the hundreds of people who were going to come see me be disappointed."

Late Tuesday morning, one of Abduli's regular customers, Randy Fostervold, 58, of Muscatine, was enjoying his regular order - a Riverside omelet, which includes mushrooms, peppers, ham, sausage and cheese.

"I leave (egg safety) up to the restaurant owner," Fostervold said. "Sometimes I'll have corned beef hash instead, but this is my regular."

The recall also hasn't discouraged diners at Muscatine's Family Style Restaurant, said waitress Tracy Strause, 23.

"Most people get them the same way they always get them," she said. "Most people don't seem overly worried. I've had one or two who ordered them over-hard, but over-easy is the most common."

The restaurant's supplier is Ohio-based, so its eggs aren't part of the recall.

Strause said the restaurant goes through about 14 dozen eggs daily during the week and 36-48 dozen eggs on a typical Saturday or Sunday.

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