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Authorities say one person was killed and another four people were shot in Chicago on Thursday. Police spokesperson Tom Ahern says the shooting occurred at about 10:40 p.m. on the Near North Side. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that one person died and the other four were taken to local hospitals in conditions ranging from serious to critical. Police did not release their names or ages. No additional details about the circumstances behind the shooting or any suspects has been released. An investigation is ongoing.

Illinois fuel retailers argued in a lawsuit that a requirement to post signs alerting consumers about a six-month freeze in the state motor-fuel tax unconstitutionally compels them to promote Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s reelection campaign. The Illinois Fuel & Retail Association and others filed the lawsuit in Sangamon County Circuit Court against the Illinois Department of Revenue. At issue is a sign retailers must post on each fuel pump beginning July 1 as a result of the General Assembly and Pritzker freezing the motor fuel tax for six months. The lawsuit says it violates the First Amendment by compelling political speech.

Community leaders say the city of Chicago pursues a “two-faced” strategy of acknowledging an ugly history of police brutality in public while directing its lawyers to deny that legacy in court when victims sue. That allegation came in a filing in Chicago’s U.S. District Court on behalf of nearly 50 civic, business and religious leaders. They say the city's approach delays just payouts and costs the city tens of millions in legal fees that could otherwise go to social programs or reducing taxes. The filing is in a lawsuit by James Gibson, who freed after 29 years when courts agreed officers under then-police commander Jon Burge tortured him into implicating himself in the 1989 slayings of two men. Gibson was later granted a certificate of innocence.

Judges of the Iowa Court of Appeals say that politics never enter their deliberations despite the judges each having diverse political leanings. The answers came in response to a question from the public on maintaining the credibility of the court and happened during a question and answer se…

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Republican from Iowa, condemned the shooting, which authorities say was motivated by hateful ideology. Grassley said he'd push for a piece of legislation he sponsors that would add training for identifying warning signs in teenagers and get them help. Grassley said the accused shooter's name "should have been in the databank not to be able to buy a gun and he was able to get a gun."

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