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Letter to the Editor from Nov. 28, 2004

Letter to the Editor from Nov. 28, 2004

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As many of you have seen at the intersection of Park Avenue and Harrison Street in Muscatine, there is a reflector pole there. It is always decorated with flowers and a red ribbon.

This was not decorated for a car accident; it represents where my brother took his last breath of his young life. If you don't remember, this is where Scott Tompkins was brutally murdered. He started running for his life on Harrison Street and by Park Avenue his life ended. The bullets were too much for him to endure. So at 23 years old, his life ended.

He was taken from us one week after a joyous Thanksgiving day. That day was 60 degrees and he played football with family and friends.

Yes, time should heal all, but maybe if this family had one tiny bit of information that someone would come forward with - then maybe we could have a "Thanksgiving."

This time of year is hard on all of us, losing a mother, a "Gramps", and a brother, but we make it - all in different ways.

The hardest part of this is that Scott had no enemies (we thought) and it was such a senseless murder. We know there is someone out there with the answers, but they are scared, too scared to come forward. But when they have children of their own, or a brother they will cherish, then maybe they will come forward.

I can't imagine anyone knowing this information and not having feelings. Oh, well, we will keep going on and "you" can take this to your grave. As we have to relive every moment of that terrible night.

We will make it. And please keep on praying for any answers for our family.

God bless our friends and family.

Robin Loving



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