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Gun control too late

Gun control too late


EDITOR, Muscatine Journal:

On Thursday, Jan. 19, a state senator wanted to lift restrictions on possessing a machine gun, a short barreled rifle or a short barreled shot gun in Iowa.

Sen. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig, introduced a bill that seeks to eliminate the state’s prohibition on possessing weapons that are regulated under federal law.

What the H is he thinking? We have enough guns in the h ands of the wrong people. Give them machine guns so they can up their kill at mass shootings? (We have been lucky here in Iowa).

People are scared so they buy guns to protect themselves. And it just keeps going. Men are shooting their wives, women shooting their husbands, people shooting their whole families.

Guns are high tech and laws have changed. Guns are everywhere. How many people were killed in Chicago last year? Do you think you are safer now than 10 years ago?

I wish we could have gun control but I think it may be too late.

Mary Clester

Muscatine, Iowa


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