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Reconsider donkey basketball fundraiser

Reconsider donkey basketball fundraiser

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 I am writing as a very concerned donkey owner to ask you to put pressure on your local high school to reconsider hosting a donkey basketball game on March 6 at the Louisa-Muscatine gym. These games may appear to be funny and enjoyable, but the animals are suffering for the enjoyment of people. Is cruelty to animals for the sake of raising money really something you want to teach the children at your school?

Donkeys are gentle, quiet and stoic creatures. They do not show their pain outwardly (with my own donkeys, I have to be especially vigilant to identify when they are ill or sore because even though I know them well, they will hide pain from me). In addition, donkeys live for many years (the average age in First World countries is 30 – 50 years) and the emotional scars of being thrown into a strange loud environment, pushed, pulled and smacked around and carrying strangers on their backs last a very long time. I have dealt with rescued donkeys and I can guarantee you their trust in humans is very difficult to get back after being mistreated in such a way.

I ask you to please push the school to reconsider the donkey basketball game. If they wish to use donkeys in fundraising, please look into humane donkey events like agility competitions, coon jumping competitions or pack burro racing instead of something so inhumane.

Rhonda Stock

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada


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