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    Marvin Gaye's famous song asked "What's going on?" What is going on when Jeff Deppe, a candidate running to be the 72nd Illinois Representative, fails to honor an invitation for public questions?

      I think everyone that reads this paper knows I have fought for good government, less government, and Rock Island County has approximately 109 elected officials doing the same thing that Scott County does with five elected officials. Yup, forget the crap that it takes that many to represent each ward. Only 5% of these districts even know who represents them. Scott County has five running at large with more population than Rock Island County. The $60,000 spent to cover the three wards deleted was in my mind a scam to make people think we need that much coverage. I’m wondering why Jeff Deppe as county Democratic chair is running for state rep never endorsed cutting the amount of board members until now? Yup, now he supports it. Yup, politics as usual in River City. Speak your mind and you will have credibility.

        According to columnist John Marx, "No one cares who plays on the LIV Golf Tour. Seriously, our president has allowed inflation to reach a 40-year high, gas prices have found the sky and a recession is but days away, but we are worried who tees it up where."

          I know we live in an era of "We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings," but that attitude is not teaching our children to reach their full potential or how to handle adversity. As they go through life they are going to have some bad days. Maybe a minor disappointment like not making the football team, something more serious, dad losing his job, to the absolute worst, mom getting cancer. How will they ever handle difficult situations if we continually shield children from them?

            For those too young to remember the 1970s, our nation went through what was called an “energy crisis." It hit particularly hard in 1973-74 and again in 1979. Global cuts in oil production quadrupled the price of oil, triggered a huge spike in inflation, and resulted in a change in driving habits for many Americans.

              It’s no surprise that Sens. Grassley (and Ernst) weren’t part of the bipartisan gun deal. Both accept large sums of gun lobby money. Grassley said: “As always, I need to see legislative text, which has yet to be written, before making a final decision on how I’d vote.”

              Having to write that I am sick to death of the Trump supporters still praising him as a good and honest person when the opposite is true. He is a very big part of the violence we are seeing today. He has desecrated our Constitution and the morals of our democracy.

              Help me out here. Explain to me how importing $118 a barrel oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Iran, perhaps even Russia is good for Americans. Is it not a known fact that we have plenty of oil domestically and we can be as energy independent as we were two years ago? How can it be possible to help our balance of payment situation to continue this policy, or isn’t that important?

              I've read the reports. Watched in horror as a young man entered a school, using an AR-15 rifle, designed for use in war, and began shooting! Are we so accustomed to violence that anyone can buy a weapon made only to kill people?

              Iowa Association of School Boards states, “Public education is the foundation of the democratic society and the key to successful futures for all Iowa children.” According to Arthur Griffin and Carter Ward, an effective school board focuses on student achievement by setting high, clear goals and expectations for schools in order to guide the administration. The June 9 school board meeting indicated that the board has forgotten its purpose. These goals should be printed and available to anyone. If goals have not been set, they need to be, otherwise how can a superintendent’s performance be fairly evaluated? The school board’s job is to create conditions that support success. One way to create favorable conditions is to recognize and welcome those who attend the board meetings; not to lecture and criticize them. The data presented by the superintendent showed parents’ and staffs’ concern regarding discipline. This should be one of the board’s goals. Rules should be clearly stated and observable. Is Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) being adopted? I have used PBIS in my classroom and it is a great tool, but consequences for continuous inappropriate behavior is also important. Goals should be set for improving behavior, and the data should be honestly collected, analyzed and evaluated. If the data shows there is a small pocket of disruptive students causing the majority of discipline problems, then a reallocation of resources is needed to accommodate that situation. For the sake of our children, let’s work together to take our schools back.

              I would like everybody to know that the Quad-City Times is the best newspaper in our area! Not only are the stories well written, but everyone I have contact with at QCT is a fantastic employee (my carrier Patrick J. is very reliable with delivery) and the persons I have contacted regarding billing issues have been extremely helpful in resolving them and going above and beyond in retaining my subscription. Again, the QCT is great and I enjoy reading it everyday. Keep up the good work — other companies could learn a lot from you in customer service.

              June 14th, only four candidates showed up for the Candidate Forum held at the Martin Luther King Center. We heard Marcus Herbert and Darren Hart, candidates for Rock Island County sheriff, along with Thurgood Brooks and Gregg Johnson, candidates for District 72 State Representative. Four outstanding candidates! Vote June 28th!


              I have known Darren Hart for over 30 years. He is my brother-in-law, so I know him both personally and professionally. I have had the privilege of watching Darren grow his career in law enforcement for the past two (almost three) decades. He has dedicated his life to his family and the people of our community. Darren is the most upstanding, focused, and considerate candidate with selfless dedication to the residents of Rock Island County. Darren will not disappoint the community as Rock Island County sheriff.

              As a voter in Rock Island County, currently living in Jeff Deppe's County Board District, I find it interesting that now that he is a candidate for the 72nd State Representative District, he is telling falsehoods about his time on the County Board. One of these falsehoods is that he led the County on an anti-nepotism policy. When County Board Member Patrick Moreno was appointed to the Mental Health Committee in November 2020, his daughter, Melissa Moreno, was appointed to fill his vacancy on the County Board. I'm sure she is a wonderful person, but I am also pretty sure that contradicts his narrative. Deppe has spoken of how he has reduced taxes on property owners, which is something I have not noticed in my tax bills. Deppe also states that he is a labor leader. Deppe voted to sell out 130-plus AFSCME members with his vote to sell Hope Creek. He wouldn't even help negotiate successorship language despite the County selling the facility for pennies on the dollar. When I was laid off with no notice from Rock Island County at the beginning of the pandemic. I emailed and called Deppe with no response. As one of his constituents, I would have thought I would be a priority. Clearly, I was not. I find it hard to fathom that anyone in the 72nd District would be excited about sending Deppe to Springfield. Things are just starting to get back on track in Springfield; the last thing we need is to send him there.

              I will be casting my vote on June 28 for Gregg Johnson for my state representative. Gregg believes wholeheartedly in the 72nd district and understands the challenges it faces. His insight into the mental health crisis in our area, as well as the country, resonated with me. Gregg was a 25-plus-year employee of the Illinois Department of Corrections. I heard him speak of how when mental health facilities around Illinois were closed, the rate of incarceration rose. We need more mental health funding and resources in our community, as well as our state. Our community is struggling with a mental health crisis, the opioid crisis, as well as HIV transmission and a need for healthcare for our LQBTQ community. We need funding that prioritizes mental health services for our most vulnerable citizens. A famous quote by Gandhi states, "The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”. We have to do better in how we treat our neighbors, friends and family in need and I believe in having someone represent me in Springfield who understands this. Please join me in voting for Gregg Johnson on June 28.

              There is more than ample evidence to document that the US economy is rigged to help the wealthy get wealthier and the middle class and poor to get even worse off. In short, the USA is no longer a meritocracy but an economic plutocracy that gives advantage to wealth over hard work and achievement. The latter are still the best ways to lead one’s life, but they pay off less and less as our economy is increasingly rigged to advance the interests of the wealthy.

              I’m proud to endorse Gregg Johnson for the Illinois 72nd House District. Gregg has lived a life guided by the values of our community. Hard work, family, and being a forceful advocate for the needs of working families, seniors, and veterans. I’ve known Gregg for many years. I’ve seen him on the front lines of many public policy campaigns, including the campaign to save Hope Creek, the UAW strike line, pickets outside of numerous workplaces where employers violated workers’ rights, and right there-front and center-in the advocacy and public action to protect public water systems, and a woman's right to choose. Gregg is uniquely qualified for the job as our state representative. Few enter politics with as much experience with and understanding of the Illinois legislative process as Gregg does.

              Paul Schimpf says parents and taxpayers have the right to curriculum transparency. That’s one of the many reasons I am voting for Paul Schimpf for Illinois governor.

              Large corporations promoting unhealthful products in the USA is not unusual, to say the least. Lead, asbestos, cigarettes, fluorocarbons, etc., come to mind. Historically it takes huge harm and legal actions to overcome well-paid spokesmen lying about products and their dangers.

              As a senior citizen in Rock Island County, I am happy to be able to vote for Gregg Johnson for my state representative. Gregg has always served the community and his commitment to seniors is second to none. While his opponent, Jeff Deppe, voted to sell Hope Creek for pennies on the dollar, Gregg was fighting tirelessly to save this important county-owned entity. Unfortunately, the sale proceeded, which simultaneously leveled the union members who worked there, as well as pulled the rug from underneath some of our most vulnerable citizens. That was a sad day for our community and we lost such a precious resource. Please join me in voting for a candidate who would have never made such a disastrous decision for our seniors. Vote Gregg Johnson on June 28.

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