Thank you for Megan Valley's reporting about the giveaway of Lincoln Elementary School. This is clearly not in the public interest. It is time we voters clear the board.

Our troubles began with the board intentionally breaking state spending laws. Many of these expenses were from the PPEL, including over $2 million dollars in renovations to a property now being given away at pennies on the dollar.

Excessive discretionary spending got this district into a hot mess. Now our district must make harmful reductions to bring our budget back into compliance with the legal spending authority limit. This board should know that this property represents equity earned by generations of Davenport taxpayers. It is not theirs to give.

Our board has stated for many months that protesters are "blowing things out of proportion" and that the state Board of Education was "rude" and "harsh." It is our board and administration that are under-reacting to the scale of the problems cited in the audit.

Under federal law, the U.S. Department of Education can withhold some or all federal education funding if Iowa is unable to certify that its districts are complying with federal education laws. This would be a disaster for our state.

It is clear the school’s leadership is not acting in the public interest.

Let’s vote this fall. Clear the board.

Gina Hale


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