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My disabled child and I just left Davenport and our family. In less than a month, I found two other families who left for the same reason— to protect their disabled children from a broken system.

Your editorial opinion that moving kids around without planning is a recipe for disaster is spot on. Recall the community reaction to a school closure? Forcing kids to change schools disrupts friendships, communities, continuity of study, and student-teacher relationships.

Yet, disabled children are moved frequently based on the needs of the district.

When we moved to Davenport last year my medically fragile and non-verbal child was forced out of the only successful school she ever had and left in a hospital three hours from home. This without our consent.

The harm done to her is a direct result of local and statewide policies that are being investigated by the US Office of Civil Rights and Office of Special Education Programs and our Civil Rights Commission. The toothless audit by the state points to problems noted in 2009, just as the current administration came on board.

Dr. Tate may be good at many things and certainly has his supporters, still it is possible to be good at some things and not others. On his watch, special education students have suffered.

Evidence you ask? How many children do you see using wheelchairs and speech devices in our schools? By statistical incidence alone, there ought to be dozens.

Ask yourself: Where are the students of color? The deaf students? The wheelchair users?

Not served in Davenport schools.

Gina Hale



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