When I was a sophomore in high school, I rented some farm land of my own, over and above working on the family farm. That means l've been farming 40 years.

Amy and I raise corn, soybeans, beef cattle, and wheat.

One of the biggest challenges farmers wrestle with is health care. The biggest reason I support J.B. Pritzker for Illinois governor is that he's determined to bring single-payer health care to all of us. As it is now, farmers are independently employed and buying our own health insurance is terribly expensive. Many farmers have to take supplemental jobs in order to get health insurance. Single payer insurance would be a huge benefit to all of us farmers and to other family businesses.

J.B. is also running on getting broadband internet for rural areas. This would give a leg up for farmers as well as for rural schools and industries.

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J.B. is also firm on improving farm-to-market infrastructure: upgrading rural roads and updating locks and dams for barge transportation. We have three major waterways in Illinois to support barge traffic. About 50 percent of our crops go to market by barge. When that system isn't working well, we have to ship our products by railway, which is much more expensive.

I urge farmers all over Illinois to vote for J.B. Pritzker on or before Nov. 6. A vote for J.B. is a vote for a stronger future in farming.

Jeff McWhorter


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