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Letter: Too little, too late

Letter: Too little, too late

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Regarding Sen. Charles Grassley's Jan. 20 column — it's too little, too late. Grassley has enabled Donald Trump and Trump's minions for four years and now is calling for healing. One must believe if President Joe Biden had not won the presidency, Grassley would not be so conciliatory. He intimates the election was not totally fraud free, even though the courts, even with conservative judges, found otherwise.

The Republicans and their enablers continue to bring up the violence during the Black Lives Matter protests. Biden condemned them, and he stated those involved should be prosecuted. The two aren't comparable; Grassley could have lost his life in the Capitol riots. He must have a very limited memory.

He also mentioned Trump's achievements, Operation Warp Speed and economic expansion. Excuse me, but Warp Speed has been an abject failure due to the ineptness of the Trump administration. Economic expansion? Tell that to the millions suffering without work, insurance, food, and adequate shelter. The wealthy have disproportionately benefited from economic expansion, including tax cuts. Corporations have inordinately profited in relation to the misery of others. This is not disputable. Wall Street is pleased, while blue collar workers suffer.

I'm sure Grassley did not turn down the 40% subsidy Iowa farmers received, which was taxpayer-funded. This is not conjecture, but factual. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, but Grassley does not seem to care about the latter.

Tim Armstrong



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