Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) is a tremendous asset to our community. I suspect many are like me in that I usually don’t think about my utility company until a storm takes out my electricity — or worse my internet isn’t working. This is intended to be a friendly reminder of how lucky we are to have MPW working for us.

The well-paying jobs they provide, and the capital improvement projects they undertake, provide an economic boost to Muscatine while improving the reliability and the level of services they provide.

MP&W is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers by providing better and more reliable electricity. The recently completed project to upgrade a 161KV transmission substation is a $4 million example of their commitment to serving the people and businesses of Muscatine.

The Grandview Avenue Wellfield Project represents another significant investment by the utility. This project more than doubled the existing wellfield, providing the land needed for additional well capacity for the next 25 years. Securing the supply and investing in the water distribution system ensures Muscatine is positioned for future growth and development in the years to come.

MP&W continues its work to bring Fiber to the Home. This project will upgrade the communications infrastructure throughout Muscatine to all fiber and allows MP&W to offer gigabit internet speeds (1,000 mpbs), IPTV cable TV services, and VoIP phone services to businesses and residents alike. The multi-year, $15 million project has been a significant economic boost to the community while setting MP&W’s communications system up for long-term viability.

The Muscatine community has a vibrant and diverse business community. There are key industries operating 24/7 depending on reliable utility services at competitive pricing. MPW’s offering is one of the key reasons businesses choose to maintain and grow in Muscatine.

MP&W collaborates closely with city leaders on multiple community projects. The city of Muscatine and MP&W have worked in partnership on the Mississippi Drive Corridor Improvement Project, Grandview Avenue Corridor Improvement Project and the West Hill Sewer Separation Project. These initiatives are a significant investment in the utility’s infrastructure. These investments strengthen the community’s ability of Muscatine to retain and attract business and industry, and the quality of life for Muscatine residents.

State and local collaboration on projects and legislation aimed at providing the best for Iowa has led many communities to profit locally and improve the expertise of utilities in local towns. With the passage of SF2311, a bill championed by Muscatine Rep. Gary Carlson to improve utilities, Iowans save money which can be invested in their homes and communities.

There are many aspects of communities that help them grow and improve the lives of their residents. While it’s not usually the center of the spotlight, municipal utilities are arguably some of the most important to the health of the people, economy, and the environment in Iowa. I encourage you to take time to appreciate the work and positive impact Muscatine Power and Water has on your life.

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Greg Jenkins, president and CEO of the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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