Micah Poellett is used to performing well on the big stage.

The Linn-Mar sophomore won the Class 4A girls cross country state championship last fall but also finds plenty of time for triathlons. When she heard about an indoor triathlon in Muscatine, she made it a priority to compete.

But she didn’t just compete. Poellett dominated the competition with a time of 46 minutes, 49 seconds — four minutes faster than the next closest time in the women’s draw — to win the Muscatine Community YMCA's Try Melon Tri Indoor Triathlon Sunday.

Davenport’s Conor Sprick was the overall winner on the men’s side in 44:42.

“I feel like it’s a mental thing,” Poellett said of the challenges of the triathlon. “You have to be able to tell yourself to keep going and get through all three events.”

Poellett said she’s been swimming for "a long time" but has been running since following her brothers around on cross country courses since before she was in school.

That experience showed once she got to the track, the third leg of Sunday’s triathlon, as she blew past the competition in the running portion on her way to a win.

“I really liked doing this race because it’s a great atmosphere,” Poellett said. “Everybody is helpful and encouraging. I loved racing here.”

On the men’s side, Muscatine natives Barton Howard, Rob Morrison and Jim Wester all took home titles. Morrison claimed the title in the 36-40 division with a time of 57:31 while Wester won the 66-and-over in 1:10:43.

Howard won the title in the 26-30 division with a time of 46:47 and said the swimming portion of the event was the key to earning a gold medal Sunday.

“Most people struggle with the swimming and swimming is my strength,” Howard said. “Swimming is my best and running is a strong event for me but I’m not much of a biker.”

Still, excelling in two of three events was good enough.

“I was pretty happy,” Howard said. “I coach a lot of kids at the high school so I’m always kind of embarrassed if I don’t place well.”

On the women's side, Muscatine natives Anna Rauenbuehler, Erin Gould, Becky Zeck and Lori Ferris all won titles. Ferris won the 56-60 in 1:18:41, Zeck won the the 46-50 in 58:33, Gould won the 31-35 in 56:06 and Anna Rauenbuehler won the 25 and under in 55:48. Durant native Angela Wulf won the 26-30 in 56:05.

For Melanie Steckel, the health promotion services director at the YMCA, she was glad to get the event going again for the 24th year after missing last winter due to the construction at the Y. The construction was to expand the facility.

“We had plenty going on with the construction to keep us busy but it was really odd,” Steckel said of not having the event last year. “This year (we had) to come back and figure out how we did everything and how to reconfigure things with our new building.”

Despite the year off, Steckel said the estimated 111 participants were on par with years past.

Steckel said there were some adjustments in the new building and especially with the new running track. Still, she felt the event can be deemed a success and looks forward to improving it for next year.

“It’s been a great day,” Steckel said Sunday. “Everything came off without a hitch. We’ll fine tune it and see if we can make it better next year.”

Try Melon Tri Indoor Triathlon

Muscatine Community YMCA

Individual results


Overall Winner – Conor Sprick (Davenport, IA) 44:42.

25 & Under – 1. Eric Joslyn (Davenport, IA) 46:46; 2. David Summers (Muscatine, IA) 47:28.

26-30 – 1. Barton Howard (Muscatine, IA) 46:47; 2. Zach Clark (Muscatine, IA) 51:57; 3. Albert Bianco (Muscatine, IA) 55:48; Andrew Hermiston (New Liberty, IA) 56:13; Thomas Klann (Ft. Madison, IA) 58:42; Joseph DePover (Bettendorf, IA) 1:00:34.

31-35 – 1. Jesse Inskeep (Moline, IL) 50:34.

36-40 – 1. Rob Morrison (Muscatine, IA) 57:31; 2. Blake Schaeffer (Davenport, IA) 58:22; 3. Brian Zeglis (Davenport, IA) 1:02:52; Rob Weiss (Davenport, IA) 1:28:23.

41-45 – 1. Chad Lochner (Davenport, IA) 50:36; 2. Justin Paul (Bettendorf, IA) 53:37; 3. Robert Townsley (Eldridge, IA) 55:52; Joshua Witt (Davenport, IA) 1:01:55; DJ Norby (Wilton, IA) 1:03:09; Sumukh Bahulekar (Bettendorf, IA) 1:18:28.

46-50 – 1. Tom Taylor (Colona, IL) 58:29; 2. James Woepking (Muscatine, IA) 1:02:35; 3. Mike Dynes (Bettendorf, IA) 1:05:26.

51-55 – 1. Kevin Keeling (Moline, IL) 1:00:38; 2. Phil Schaefer (Moline, IL) 1:08:47.

56-60 – 1. Dennis Hall (Davenport, IA) 57:53; 2. Kurt Sothmann (Fruitland, IA) 1:00:25; 3. Lonny Cale (Argyle, IA) 1:05:50.

61-65 – 1. John Hawley (Hamilton, IL) 58:06; 2. Rodney Delp (East Moline, IL) 1:01:22; 3. Tony Carl (Muscatine, IA) 1:05:24; Jeff Kelly (Moline, IL) 1:14:34.

66 & Over – 1. Jim Wester (Muscatine, IA) 1:10:43; 2. Richard Walton (Iowa City, IA) 1:19:00; 3. Charles Potter (Muscatine, IA) 1:24:33.


Overall Winner – Micah Poellet (Cedar Rapids, IA) 46:49.

25 & Under – 1. Anna Rauenbuehler (Muscatine, IA) 55:48; 2. Amy Schaefer (Muscatine, IA) 1:04:51; 3. Reese Townsley (Eldridge, IA) 1:05:16.

26-30 – 1. Angela Wulf (Durant, IA) 56:05; 2. Sarah Anderson (Muscatine, IA) 57:10; 3. Kayla Bouska (Ft. Madison, IA) 1:02:42; Sarah Hermiston (New Liberty, IA) 1:05:17; Nicki Anderson (Le Claire, IA) 1:07:37.

31-35 – 1. Erin Gould (Muscatine, IA) 56:08; 2.Christina Walker (Muscatine, IA) 1:02:44; 3. Melissa Nelson (Davenport, IA) 1:03:56; Sara Marner (Orion, IL) 1:08:26.

36-40 – 1. Sarah Doneth (Bettendorf, IA) 50:22; 2. Rachel Benda (Ft. Madison, IA) 1:01:56; 3. Janelle Cresswell (Ft. Madison, IA) 1:02:09; Yvonne Schaeffer (Davenport, IA) 1:04:36.

41-45 – 1. Amy Mundisev (Eldridge, IA) 55:10; 2. Jesse Knudson (Bettendorf, IA) 1:00:22; 3. Katie Longlett ( Wilton, IA) 1:07:00.

46-50 – 1. Becky Zeck (Muscatine, IA) 58:33; 2. Beth Markovich (Bettendorf, IA) 1:03:26.

51-55 – 1. Heidi Parkhurst (Coal Valley, IL) 57:43; 2. Connie Mann (Muscatine, IA) 59:15; 3. Sara Keeling (Scottsdale, AZ) 1:03:39; Carolyn Miller (Bettendorf, IA) 1:07:15.

56-60 – 1. Lori Ferris (Muscatine, IA) 1:18:41.

61-65 - 1. Lisa Wells (Bettendorf, IA) 1:12:49; 2. Michelle Welborn (Ft. Madison, IA) 1:26:17.

66 & Over – 1. Judie Gulley (Orion, IL) 1:16:32.

Team Results

Male – 1. Special Olympics (Moss, Leonhard, Paulsen) 56:01; 2. 60 Somethings (Doherty, Littig, Murphy) 1:04:08.

Female – 1. Fabulous at 40 (Smith, Stewart, Hazelett) 59:38.

Co-ed – 1. Racing Strangers (Landahl, Dwyer, Kuhl) 52:30; 2. The Beauty & The Beast (Ursin, Karkosh) 1:01:15.

Family – 1. J.E.T. (Heth, Heth, Heth) 47:24; 2. The Great Cornholios (Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong) 48:40; 3. Get ‘Er Done (Powell, Powell, Pilgrim) 52:35; Westerhof Warriors (Westerhof, Westerhof, Westerhof) 57:25; Cup & Hulie (Evans, Evans) 1:15:27.

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