Basketball and family have been synonymous in the life of Wilton girls' coach Jeremy Putman. He's been involved in his daughter Aubrey's playing career since she was in second grade.

But now, with Aubrey graduating, basketball and family won't exist on parallel tacks anymore. So Jeremy Putman is choosing family.

“I have three young boys and with my daughter going off to play college volleyball," Putman said. "I’d like to be able to go watch her play and follow her. Plus, I’d like to put in some time with my boys."

The outgoing coach took over the Wilton girls' program in 2005. Under Putman, the program amassed an overall record of 129-188, but he leaves the program in better shape than when he found it. This most recent season, Wilton set a school record with 21 wins.

While coaching, Putman always found support in the community and a group of players dedicated to playing hard for him.

"Over all the years, the one thing that’s been consistent is having great kids and very supportive parents," Putnam said. "The wins and losses have been up and down, but we’ve always had great parents along the way.”

While coaching a child can sometimes get complicated, Putman said his daughter's senior year was particularly enjoyable for the both of them.

"I feel bad for her because she has to listen to me at practice and then she had to go home and listen to me at home," he said.

"But she took it really well. This last season, her senior year, we just decided to have fun with it, it was our last chance together, we just a lot of fun together this last year.”

Wilton's leading scorer, senior Emily Lange, expressed some bittersweet feelings regarding Putman's decision.

"He’s had a big impact on us and it’s sad to see him go," Lange said. "It was definitely a time to remember."

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